Our Goal is to ensure our clients have 1 firm taking care of ALL of their legal needs and that all practitioners in that firm work
in tandem to ensure optimal outcomes with minimal repercussions or negative impact as it would relate to other potential legal matters.

Civil Litigation

Assistance and Representation in relation to claims, collection, and enforcement of amounts in Small Claims Court, under $35,000, or in Superior Court for all amounts over.

Family Law

​Separation, divorce, custody, and support. Lawyers on staff can help with all family law matters.

Criminal Law

Both Paralegals and Lawyers on staff can assist you with ANY criminal matter.

Provincial Offences

Most common charges are laid under the Provincial offences act, the Liquor Licensing Act, Highway Traffic Act, Building Code, Fire Code, and Dog Owner Liability Act.

Tribunals & Boards

Landlord & Tenant Board, ODSP, FSCO, Human Rights Tribunal, Parole Board, and any other matter before an administrative board or tribunal.

Corporate / Commercial

​Let us take care of ALL of your business needs, with a dedicated staff of Lawyers and Clerks.


If your status in Canada is uncertain or being threatened, let us help!

Public Relations

​Helping mold your Political or Corporate image, while maximizing your Marketing potential within the media.

Real Estate

Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing a home or piece of land, let us help you through the process and protect one of the largest investments you will ever make.

Municipal Zoning / Land Use

Want to change your house to a duplex? How about putting a commercial building on farm land? Let us help navigate the law so it’s in line with your goals.

Landlord & Tenant Board

Need a Tenant out? They aren’t paying rent? Causing problems for you or other Tenants? Need your Landlord to respect your rights and their obligations? We help everyone! So let us help you!


Not satisfied with the decision in your criminal matter? Upset that you didn’t get the outcome you wanted in Family Court? Received a building code or fire code order you disagree with? Let us apply the complicated legal tests and fight when there is an error in the justice system!

Care & Capacity

Do you have a loved one that is ill and you need to take control over their affairs? Let us get you through the process!

Wills & Estates

Let us help create a plan that sets out your goals for your family and all you worked for in the event you aren’t here anymore to tell anyone.

Contract Drafting & Review

Need help sifting through the fine print? Want to create fine print for a deal you’re putting in place? We have you covered.

Subdivision / Condo Development

​Once you get the area zoned, then what? Want to sever or subdivide and create new lots to sell? How about building a low or high rise building? Let us get it done for you!

Trust our experts to help you with your legal concerns.

Let us help you calm your fears with a free consultation so you know what you can
expect and what your best options are for success.