“Practicing in the areas of law that affect you the most.”

YOUR Legal Services is proud to say that it is the only Law Firm in Niagara that employs both
Paralegals and Lawyers and has a Paralegal as its Managing Partner.



– 2018, JUNE

Josh McDougall received his License, and opened YOUR Legal Services, and began practicing Criminal Law as well as Landlord and Tenant Law.

– 2018, NOVEMBER

YOUR Legal Services hired Jeremie Nadeau, a Lawyer, so the firm could offer more services to their clients, including representation for Family Law, Criminal matters that fall outside of a Paralegals scope and Immigration law.

– 2019, FEBRUARY

Josh McDougall ran for Bencher for the Law Society of Ontario.

– 2019, MARCH

YLS hired another Paralegal.

– 2019, DECEMBER

YLS began offering a “Full Service” approach for Clients. Jeremie Nadeau became a Partner.

– 2020, JANUARY

YLS began practicing Real Estate Law.

– 2020, JUNE

Hired Dwayne Kinkead, a Lawyer from Brampton, ON. YLS now provides representation for clients in Business and Commerical Matters, along with Civil Superior proceedings.

– 2021, FEBRUARY

YLS hired Derek Chou, a Lawyer, specifically to maintain and grow the Firms Criminal Practice. Dwayne Kindkead became a Partner in the firm.

– 2021, MARCH

YLS Professionally Incorporated as M N K & Associates but remains doing business and trading as YOUR Legal Services.


Expanded into our 3rd office. Hired paralegal candidate Curt Anderson as a legal assistant.

– 2021, DECEMBER

Began expanding and arranging for 4th office in Windsor, ON

– 2022, MARCH

Hired Adam Dunne

– 2022, APRIL

Recognized and appointed as CBRB best businesses in Canada (gold level) & Curt Anderson got his license and became our 6th licensee.

– 2022, MAY

Became a sponsor and partner of the Niagara River Lions CEBL team.Niagara River Lions


Your Legal Services

  • Our Commitment

    YOUR Legal Services is dedicated to putting you and the success of your case as our top priority.

    Whether you are looking for assistance in family law, civil litigation, medical malpractice, public relations, immigration, criminal law or more, you can be confident about placing your trust in our proven legal team.

    We look forward to getting to know you better and providing YOUR Legal Services for today and beyond.

  • The Goal

    Our Goal is to ensure our clients have 1 firm taking care of ALL of their legal needs and that all practitioners in that firm work in tandem to ensure optimal outcomes with minimal repercussions or negative impact as it would relate to other potential legal matters.

  • One Firm

    You have the benefit of working with a one-stop-shop team. This will avoid issues such as a Criminal Lawyer not knowing or advising of a potential Immigration consequence, or a Real estate Lawyer not knowing that a Rental Property can not legally be sold “vacant” if there are tenants in the residence.

  • Trust Our Experts

    We strive to make our clients feel secure, stress-free, and taken care of knowing that no matter what direction a legal matter takes, and no matter what extra tactical move needs to be exacted, one of our Practitioners will be competent to advocate aggressively on the behalf of our clients.

  • We’re Here to Help

    Our team is here to help you with your legal concerns. Let us help you calm your fears with a free consultation so you know what you can expect and what your best options are for success.

  • YOUR Representation

    Additionally, YLS is even more proud to state that we represent our clients in ANY Court forum, whether it be a tribunal, or a Superior Court Appeal, or somewhere in between.