Can I qualify for legal aid, and does YLS accept it?
ADepending on your legal needs, legal aid may be able to provide you a “certificate” to hire a firm, should you qualify we would be more than happy to accept it. In the event that you need assistance, but legal aid will not qualify you or your legal matter is not covered by under the legal aid ontario, we will consider flexible payment arrangements as well as fee reductions to help.
What is the difference between a Paralegal and a Lawyer?
AIn Ontario, Paralegals are Licensed members of the Law Society, no different than a Lawyer. However, Paralegals are only permitted to assist and provide legal services in specific situations, such as a Tribunal (Like the Landlord and Tenant Board or Human Rights), some Criminal Matters being proceeded under summary procedure, Provincial Offences Court (like Driving offences, Building code, or Liquor Licensing) and The Small Claims Court.  At YLS we have both Lawyers and Paralegals on staff to assist you no matter what your legal need is, or what help you may require in the future.
What is a Retainer?
AA retainer is NOT payment in advance, instead a Retainer is security for a Law or Legal Services Firm against future billings.  When a firm requests a retainer that money is held “In Trust” and drawn off of at that representatives hourly rate in accordance with their bill.
What is a disbursement payment?
AA disbursement is a fee outside of Legal Fees to pay your Lawyer or Paralegal.  Disbursements are additional charges that are accumulated throughout your matter, such as a Court Filing Fee, or a fee to have someone served with paperwork on your behalf.
What is the benefit of hiring a Full Service Firm? 
AUnlike some firms, where only specific areas of law or legal services are provided, a Full Service Firm allows a client the benefit of having a “one-stop-shop” for all of their legal needs. This is beneficial because you can avoid having 1 Representative for their Realestate, 1 for their Business needs, 1 licensee for the Traffic Tickets, and a completely separate office for their potential divorce proceedings.  A Full Service Firm has all of your representatives and needs covered under 1 roof, with all of your representatives working hand in hand to not only get you the best outcome for each individual matter, but ensure that all of the angles are accounted for.