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NOW with 2 locations to service YOUR needs better!

Whatever YOUR need, let us help!


Joshua T. McDougall

Licensed Paralegal

Josh has a very diverse background stemming from a decade and a half of sales and marketing experience.  Josh allotted 6 of those years in dedicating his skill set to the Financial Services Industry, and the most recent 5 years in building, operating and owning a successful sales and marketing company, before allowing his passion for the Law to take his career in a different path.   

Josh is a general legal practitioner with a strong focus in Criminal and Quasi-Criminal matters, he then uses his past knowledge and experience in the Financial Sector to help represent clients against charges such as Theft, Fraud and uttering forged documents. 

Jérémie Nadeau


Jérémie was called to the Bar in June of 2017, where he shortly after began his focus on practicing criminal law. Since that time he has put his abilities and past knowledge of family law into practice by vigorously representing his clients in family law, with the same passion and intensity that he would for a criminal proceeding.  

As Jérémie is multilingual, he has now started to accept immigration clients to assist individuals whose status may be in question and rights may be infringed.

Give Jérémie a call today!

Joseph Di Pompeo

Licensed Paralegal

Joseph, a Western University Alumni, focused his studies in Criminology which has now parlayed into his preferred practice being Provincial Offences matters.  Joseph has an extensive background in community work and outreach, being employed by the John Howard Society, and now uses his knowledge of available programming to assist his clients best interests.  

Call Joseph for a strong willed and caring representative!

Curtis Anderson

Public Relations Representative

Curtis has spent the past decade combining his knowledge of construction and sales for the betterment of any company he has worked with.  He now has turned his mind and efforts to assisting with the image of companies, big and small, and individuals alike.  Should you find yourself in need of tactical crisis management, that will work hand in hand with your legal needs, while relentlessly molding your desired professional appearance, give Curtis a call.