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NOW with 2 locations to service YOUR needs better!

If we can't help, we know someone who can.


Joshua T. McDougall

Licensed Paralegal

Josh has a very diverse background stemming from a decade and a half of sales and marketing experience.  Josh allotted 6 of those years in dedicating his skill set to the Financial Services Industry, and the most recent 5 years in building, operating and owning a successful sales and marketing company, before allowing his passion for the Law to take his career in a different path.   

Josh is a general legal practitioner with a strong focus in Criminal and Quasi-Criminal matters, he then uses his past knowledge and experience in the Financial Sector to help represent clients against charges such as Theft, Fraud and uttering forged documents. 

Jérémie Nadeau


Jérémie was called to the Bar in June of 2017, where he shortly after began his focus on practicing criminal law. Since that time he has put his abilities and past knowledge of family law into practice by vigorously representing his clients in family law, with the same passion and intensity that he would for a criminal proceeding.  

As Jérémie is multilingual, he has now started to accept immigration clients to assist individuals whose status may be in question and rights may be infringed.

Give Jérémie a call today!

Lynn Baxter

Licensed Paralegal

Lynn comes to us with an extensive background in psychotherapy, and uses that experience advocates for clients who suffer from mental illness before multiple boards, tribunals and courts. 


She became licensed with the Law Society of Ontario in early 2018, and focuses her practice on WSIB as well as Administrative Tribunals where she can put her past experiences to good use. 


YOUR Legal Services, is proud to welcome Ms. Baxter to our team of practitioners, and equally Lynn is happy to represent you and your needs on behalf of our firm!


Give us a call today, and ask for Lynn! 

Joseph Kazubek

Licensed Paralegal

Joseph heads up our Hamilton office, and was the past lead litigator of JK Paralegal.  Joseph enjoys being a strong advocate and activist for human rights within the community, and in that same spirit operates JK Legal for "Pro Bono" matters so that he can give back when ever he can.  


Licensed in March 2018, he has had many great successes in a short amount of time and has built a reputation of fighting for his clients and what he believes is right and just within the region and the legal community. 


Give Joseph a call today, for representation that goes the extra mile! 

Kurt Shmuir

Licensed Paralegal

YOUR Legal Services is proud to list Kurt as one of our newest licensees! 

Kurt comes from a large diverse background, from union work and labor to owning a marketing and promotions company, Kurt is no stranger to hard work.

Kurt began his career with us as a student, volunteered with us until passing his exam, and is now a licensed member of the Law Society of Ontario.  

Focusing in Provincial Offences matters, such as Liquor Licensing, Highway Traffic or the Environmental Protection Act, you are in strong, reliable, hard working hands with Kurt.  

Come visit our Hamilton office today to book some time with Kurt!